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inepacadinepacad wrote on 26 Aug 2017 02:32

Ferragamo Belt looked at her mother and brother today for a new dress, especially the mother, the hair seems to have just dyed hair, fluffy short hair to my mother a lot of young. Mother wearing the gucci belt from Italy to bring back the black and white lattice lapel shirt, lower body is a black skirt, his face do not know is happy or excited, it is refreshed.

Ye Kai-sheng looks like sister, just some black than my sister, 1 meter 75 weight loss body, wearing glasses, Sven handsome.

Ferragamo Belt Black step into the leaves of the time, they feel a kind of intimacy blowing, leaves mother love flowers, living room balcony has a small garden surrounded by their own, which planted a variety of colorful flowers, peony, rose, gardenia Sub-flowers, green radish … … are very good care, there is no trace of dust on the leaves. The walls around the house have their own paintings of the leaves, the figure of the two magpie is also fresh and elegant.

Living room entrance of a group of photos of the wall caused by Ferragamo Belt interest, there gucci belt a photo, a leaf warbler childhood, juvenile, life at all stages of the imprint, which makes Ferragamo Belt very happy.

Lu brother, tea sober, come over tea! Ye triumphantly Ferragamo Belt shouted.

gucci belt since entering the house, began to go to the kitchen with her mother chatter nibbling.
Fragrant, how, progress to what point, and I see this young man is good ah! Ferragamo Belt Black asked.

Mom, our colleagues more than six years, people are chairman of the son, I am afraid I can not match ah! Xiangxiang a little lonely with her mother told his own mind.

What is not equipped with the right, on the line ah, how his temper ah? Ferragamo Belt Replica is concerned about the daughter of the future, to find a good husband and other important moments.

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