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At this point, the sky has been dark, fire eyes face under the street is even more dark. we met again! Fire eyes toward the leaves Ferragamo Belt came.

Ferragamo Belt instinctive to his side, he saw the hands of the defeat will be a burst of nausea, do not know this guy gourd in the end to sell what medicine.

In the end you want to do? Ferragamo Belt tall horse, standing in front of fire eyes.

Suddenly, fire eyes issued two whistles. Moment of the noise of a motorcycle came, in the gucci belt and Ferragamo Belt side of the four motorcycles, surrounded them surrounded.

Four on the motorcycle dress up heterosexual, dyed yellow hair, wearing a leather, dangling cigarettes in the hands of young people holding the stick at any time on standby.

Ferragamo Belt looked around, the streets of pedestrians scarce, it seems that this piece has been their control. He tightly held gucci belt in his arms, thinking about the solution.

At this time the gucci belt will be all the hatred are recorded in Ferragamo Belt body, did not think this slag man and resorted to the next three abuse means, she was simply disappointed Qiu Zi-an.

Replica Ferragamo Belt good to close it, our boss also hope that we can solve the peace, do not want to have a bloodshed incident, you understand! Fire eyes suck a cigarette, the cigarette butts thrown on the ground with the foot The step on.

Well, really can not be without days, it seems to tell you reason is unreasonable. Ferragamo Belt anger rushed, but for the presence of gucci belt, he was a man to play more than five people, but he was afraid of a hands to hurt gucci belt. Now the only way is to only can not attack the storm.

Lu less, today is also the command of the boss, Ferragamo Belt is our boss of the woman, long warned you to let go, you are still grinding chirp! Fire eyes finished the first twist.

The four people turn off the car, one of the high will quickly pull the leaf warbler to their own in front of the gucci belt's hands from behind to seize, so that Cheap Ferragamo Belt can not move.

The other three trying to control Ferragamo Belt, was Ferragamo Belt Yangzhu a block, one foot swept away, one of the little brother fell to the ground, brother Qijue heart, got up after holding the electric batons want to Ferragamo Belt head whirl.

Fire eyes quickly stop! I do not know when, Salvatore Ferragamo drove off at their side. She elegant down from the car, Salvatore Ferragamo today a red, with a black Korean jazz England small straw hat, is still high heels, handbags, neck chic jewelry is very eye-catching.

Fire eyes a look Miss Qiu appeared, arrogant arrogance immediately disappeared, replaced by a flattering face.

Missy, I was ordered to work.I repeat, with your people immediately leave. Salvatore Ferragamo cold face do not see fire eyes one.Walking … … Fire eyes Fake Ferragamo Belt is not easy to mess with, immediately with his people get out.

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