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Mom, very good, one will see you do not know, we eat it, starved to death. gucci belt helped her mother put the table on the table.

And soon on a table to put on the leaves of the rich to do the dinner.

Oh, I do not know how to advise you, if so, you are good together. Do not you to D City, our company is recruiting, I go back to give you a resume to try. Start, do not think about those unhappy things. gucci belt comfort Lin Yirei.

Hung up the phone, Ye Mu heard things, but also feel very surprised.

Now the young man, flash marriage flash away, really irresponsible, just bitter child ah! Ye mother is feeling.

Yeah, we eat well, while I sent Ferragamo Belt back, immediately come back ah! gucci belt is not prepared to discuss Lin Yi Lei at the dinner table things, thinking of the Ferragamo Belt quickly sent back to come back to ask Lin Yirei in the end what the situation The

Cen Xiangyu wanted to keep talking with Ferragamo Belt, but listen to her daughter say so, even if she gave Ferragamo Belt to the door, repeatedly asked him to come back again.

gucci belt and Ferragamo Belt just out of the cell door, facing the head of a Rolls-Royce Mirage car to block their way.

Luzi son, long time no see ah!

The driver's seat on the fire eyes from the car down, his hands in his pocket, dangling cigarettes, stopped their way.

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